Mosby Documentary – Working the Details

Part IX

Over the past couple of weeks we have shown the first 10 minutes of “Mosby’s Combat Operations in Fairfax County, Virginia” to three different audiences.  This has given us a chance to see how the audience reacts to what we’ve done.  The reaction has been good!

It also gives us a chance see what works and what doesn’t and to go back and make minor changes based on what we’ve seen – take this picture out, replace that one, shorten or lengthen the use of others, etc.  Turns out we are using 325 historical drawings and photos to illustrate the stories in addition to the on-site filming so it’s good to stand back and review it so we can rework portions to make the documentary better.

As of this writing, the first 35 minutes of this 90 minute documentary are complete and we are hoping to have the rest completed in early November.  Then we’ll add sound effects and send the whole thing off to David Rubenstein for a soundtrack.  We are striving to have it done by the end of the year so we can host a premiere and everyone else can see what we’ve done.

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