Mosby Documentary Being Filmed in Fairfax County

The Do Overs!

Part VII

Don Hakenson and I turned into editors and reviewed the documentary from end to end for the first time.  We looked at a product that was running about 124 minutes.  Our goal - 90!

With all the narrators being writers, we found everyone went into normal writing mode by including lots of detail for each of their stories.  We realized this very quickly and began to cut out a lot of background information that simply became too hard to follow. 

We were able to trim it from 124 to 84 minutes.  This was done simply by editing the narrations down to short listenable segments.  What this also afforded us the opportunity to do, was to get a good look at the documentary and decide what we would need to do over to have the best product we can.

We felt Eric's Fairfax Court House Raid could be redone to tell more of the story on camera and less in the narration.  The gives us a more visual story.  It also gave us the opportunity to shorten the segment.

We also had Don retell the Peyton Anderson and "Hanging Tree" stories to make them more straightforward and understandable.  We also realized we had missed the story of Mosby's wounding at the hands of the 13th New York Cavalry on September 14, 1864 near the intersection of Rt. 29 and Clifton Road about two miles east of Centreville.  I took the challenge of telling that story.

We decided to add maps to be shown during each narration to display the location of where each story takes place.  While we had planned on having a map inserted into each DVD case showing all the dates and locations, we hadn't thought about showing each location of each combat operation during the documentary.  This adds two dimensions; helping the viewer easily identify where each combat operation took place, and giving us more visual material to use during the narrations.

One thing we do worry about is that big "oops we forgot!" when the DVD is done and someone comes up and says, "you should have done this or that."  While we know we will get some great suggestions when we're done, we hope we catch all the big "we should haves..." before then.

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