Mosby Documentary Being Filmed in Fairfax County

Part VI

We were able to schedule Stevan Meserve to record his narration so now our post-production editor Bert Morgan is laying out the documentary end-to-end for the first time.  This will allow us to see how long all the material is.  We are planning on a 90 minute documentary so this will be the first chance we have to see where we are.  Secondly, this will allow us to make changes to the chronological order to better tell the story if necessary. 

The way Bert is actually laying out the documentary is by showing the on-site introductions and then playing the studio narrative on a blank screen.  This will give us the opportunity to decide which cutaways (location shots which Bert filmed while were doing the introductions) and which historical pictures to use, and how long to use each.  And yes, we’ll have a little time code at the bottom of the screen so we’ll know where to insert everything.  Such high tech…

While Bert is working on this we are working on a map to accompany the documentary.  The map will show the locations of each combat operation.  Since we would like folks to be able to use their GPS units, we have revisited many of our locations to ensure we have the correct addresses.  We will leave it up to our graphic artist Steve Wolfsberger on how best to portray all the information on the map itself.

We are even making progress on the soundtrack even though there is nothing for the composer, David Rubenstein, to look at yet.  Dave attended a concert where two musicians were performing five civil war songs.  Ramona Matthews played the violin, and Lois Jones played the piano.  Both are serious musicians, and members of the Friday Morning Music Club, a large music society in the Washington, DC area.  Winifred Hyson arranged the civil war era songs. She has composed many vocal chamber works, choral pieces, and instrumental pieces, and is a member of the Composers Group of the Friday Morning Music Club.

Dave asked us if we would be interested in incorporating these songs into the soundtrack.  After listening to the recording we enthusiastically said yes.  This will give us period music for a real Ken Burns effect!

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