Mosby Documentary being filmed in Fairfax County

Part V

Since our last article, Bert Morgan has completed the opening titles for the documentary and narrated the introduction written by Don Hakenson and added the appropriate graphics.  Don, Bert, and I displayed this intro at the Civil War Show in Fredericksburg on April 8 and 9 to excellent reception.

We also completed all of our onsite filming with the stories of the “Execution of Reverend Read,” the story of Peyton Anderson, the first southern soldier to shed his blood for the Confederacy, and the Ab Minor “Bone Mill” story. 

We turned to past BRCWRT President Nancy Anywell to help us with the location of the Bone Mill on Accotink Creek.  Nancy’s description of this location is “on the Cross Country Trail where it is accessed at Hunter Village Dr. and Rockledge Ct.   Head northeast on the trail.  At the bottom of the hill, turn right and walk about 20 yards along Accotink Creek.”  This required a bit of a walk to get there.  We filmed the whole story onsite as Don does a great rendition and we felt this approach would do it justice!

We are turning our attention to editing the individual operations.  Most were filmed and narrated by one historian so the editing is pretty straightforward.  Two of the operations were told by different historians so we need to pay attention in editing those together.  The most difficult editing job will be “Mosby Captures Stoughton” because we filmed the story at a number of locations throughout the Fairfax Court House area.  We also need to decide which operation we will use to open the documentary.

Here are some pictures of the filming of the Bone Mill story (can you hear Don telling it?) and the cover of the DVD with the John Paul Strain rendition of the “Rose Hill Raid.”

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