Mosby Documentary being filmed in Fairfax County

Part IV

While Bert Morgan of BLM Productions is editing the on-site filming and studio narration, we started working on the DVD cover for "Mosby's Combat Operations in Fairfax County, Virginia."  Steve Wolfsberger, yes that Steve Wolfsberger of the 17th Virginia reenactors who now lives in Abingdon, VA, is our graphic artist.  Our instructions were to have the title of the documentary, a map of Fairfax County showing its proximity to the city of Washington, and a picture of Colonel John S. Mosby on the cover.

We were very fortunate to receive permission from John Paul Strain to use his depiction of Ranger Mosby from his painting "Rose Hill Raid."  This was our first choice for the cover as it depicts Mosby in Fairfax County in late September 1863 after his capture of Colonel Daniel French Dulaney which is covered in the documentary.  We were also extremely pleased to receive permission to use the painting as it is based on a vignette written by Don Hakenson!

We also realized we needed a logo for our production company to use on the DVD cover and in the introduction of the documentary.  As you can see, we think Steve did an excellent job representing Don Hakenson, Chuck Mauro and Steve Sherman!

Finally, Don wrote the text for the introduction which we used to give Bert direction on how we want to open the documentary:

(Start with the drawing of Mosby on horseback – start with close up of his face and pull back to show him on his horse – add music and sound effects of horses and men marching during narration)

This story is about a band of Confederate cavalrymen during the Civil War known as the Forty-third Battalion Virginia Cavalry, or Mosby’s Rangers. This unit conducted military combat guerilla operations into Northern Virginia, behind enemy lines, especially Fairfax County, and became recognized by the U.S. Army and the Marine Corps as the most feared and successful guerilla unit in the history of modern warfare.

(Switch to map of city of Washington and Fairfax County – Start with close up of the City of Washington and pull back and pan left to show Fairfax County.  Insert picture of Stuart over portion of County – use sound effects of cannons and gunfire)

The commander of this partisan unit was a man by the name of John Singleton Mosby, who would obtain the rank of Colonel and would become one of the most notorious and romantic figures that came out of the entire Civil War. He was one of “Jeb” Stuart’s men, and it was due to the confidence that General Stuart had in him that he was able to organize and lead this famous band of rangers.

(Switch to picture of Mosby and his men followed by a picture of Union soldiers – use sound effects of men and horses)

This little body of a few hundred men, under his skillful and daring leadership, accomplished more with less, by hitting quickly, gobbling up horses, men and supplies and disappearing into the mist before reinforcements or help could arrive. These men yielded more trouble for the Union Army than a Brigade or Division could produce, and kept large numbers of Union troops guarding the Washington city instead of fighting against Robert E. Lee in the field.

(Switch to picture of Mosby – perhaps start wide and zoom in on his eyes to make this intense! Add swell of dramatic music!)

Entire brigades were sent after him and a price was placed on his head, but he was always able to give his pursuers the slip. Mosby was never caught, and the bounty was never paid!

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