Mosby Documentary Milestone Reached

Part X

We have reached a milestone in the making of our “Mosby’s Combat Operations in Fairfax County, Virginia” documentary.  We were able to sit down and watch the film from beginning to end for the first time.  Until now we have been focusing on each of the 42 individual operations. 

After the review, we decided to have Steve Meserve re-record a couple of his lines to clarify his “Pony” Ormsby Execution story. We also decided to rework some of the illustrations, adding some and changing others by cropping them or reversing others.  Also so we don’t have three of Tom Evans’ operations in a row and three of Don Hakenson’s in a row, we moved one of Tom’s into the Don’s sequence.

We also made a decision on the use of CSA or USA on the subtitles for the names of all the soldiers and officers.  All Union soldiers or officers will have USA after their names.  All Confederates will CSA after their name.  If they are a Mosby Ranger they will have “Ranger” in front of their name instead of the CSA after it.  We didn’t think we needed both.  This way everyone is properly identified. 

Once Bert Morgan gets all these changes made, we'll add the sound effects and credits and then it will go to David Rubenstein for the soundtrack.  Hopefully we'll have it ready for David in a couple of weeks. 

The documentary should be ready for sale and a premiere early in the New Year.  We obviously wanted to get it done for the holiday season, but we’ll settle for the sesquicentennial.  Not a bad tradeoff.

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